The Creed of the Kullabi Asharis Preview: Part 2 - Aqidah Books Authored by the Righteous Salaf and Deliberately Ignored by the Asharis
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Friday, October, 29 2010 and filed under Articles
Key topics: Kullabi Asharis Ibn Kullab Al-Ashari Al-Baqillani Al-Muhasibi Al-Qalanisi Ibn Mahdi Al-Tabari Ibn Fawrak Al-Bayhaqi Abu Mansur Al-Baghdadi Al-Juwayni Al-Qushayri Al-Ghazali Al-Razi Al-Amidi Al-Shahrastani Ibn Kullab Taj Al-Din Al-Subki

The Creed of the Early Kullabi Asharis

We are pleased to announce that our first publication is in progress, entitled, "The Creed of the Early Kullābī Ashʿarites", which reaches over 1000 pages, over 2000 footnotes and lots of appendices.

This work was started on July 10th, 2010 in response to certain combined factors, and in less than three months (by October 10th), by Allah's praise, has gone from what was supposed to be a 250 page publication to four times the size.

The book deals with the roots and origins of the ilm al-kalam condemned by the Salaf and which was the foundation of the theology of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Kullabiyyah, Ash'ariyyah and Maturidiyyah.

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