Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee (d. 371H) Delisted From the Spurious Lists Of So-Called 'Ash'ari' Scholars
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Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee Delisted From the Spurious Lists of "Ash'ari" Scholars

We see these spurious, fraudulent lists of so called "Ash'ari" Scholars being circulated and spread on blogs and websites, with an impressive array of names mentioned therein, and Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee's name is often found in these lists. Let it be known that Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee was a Salafi, Sunni, Athari (all synonymous terms representing only one approach and one aqidah) and his creed is in opposition to the Jahmiyyah Ash'ariyyah, and that he (rahimahullaah) is now officially delisted from these spurious lists.

For he affirmed Allaah's uluww, with His Essence, affirmed the attributes of Face, Hands, Eyes, and affirms that the Names of Allaah are not created (unlike the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah and Ash'ariyyah - see here), and affirmed that this Qur'an present with us is uncreated, and opposes the Lafdhiyyah Jahmiyyah (i.e. Ash'ariyyah) who say that al-lafdh al-maqroo' is created (see here). And he opposed the Jahmiyyah and Ash'ariyyah on the subject of Eemaan, affirming that it is belief and action, that it increases and decreases. And further he affirms the Nuzool, without takyeef or ta'weel or tafweed, on account of it being reported in the authentic narrations.

So here is the creed of Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee:

And all of the above demonstrates clearly and unequivocally that Abu Bakr al-Ismaa'eelee (d. 371H) is not upon the usool of those people present today calling themselves Ash'aris who are in fact Jahmiyyah - for they are not even connected to the early Kullaabi Ash'aris who affirmed Allaah's uluww with His Essence, and also affirmed the attributes of face, hands, eyes for Allaah without ta'weel and tafweed, whilst refuting the ta'weels of the Jahmiyyah and Mu'tazilah as well as refuting their allegations of Tajseem.

We demand the contemporary Jahmiyyah to abide by the criterion laid out in this article when imputing Ash'ariyyah to any Scholar.